Danox develops and facilitates EPA compliant management plans for all universal waste regulated streams. Our experts design site-specific and customizable procedures to handle your unique waste output.

We assist with:

  • EPA classification and profiling
  • Supply of containment and shipping packaging (including shipping paperwork)
  • Appropriate handling of waste during transportation and processing
  • Reporting data once processed
  • Certificate of Recycle
  • Universal waste mail-in program (if applicable)

Every state has the ability to adopt the universal waste federal regulations or to take a more stringent approach. Furthermore, the quantity and frequency of waste accumulation determines whether companies are subjected to the requirements of a small quantity or large quantity handler of universal waste (SQHUW or LQHUW).

Universal Waste

EPA’s universal waste regulations (40 CFR Part 273) outline appropriate collection and management of many commonly generated wastes that contain hazardous components. Additionally, individual states have or are looking at adding additional categories under the universal waste regulations to help ease regulatory burdens and increase recycling.

Common items that ship under the relaxed universal waste regulations include:

  • Batteries
  • Waste lamps/bulbs
  • Mercury-containing equipment
  • Pesticides
  • Ballast and capacitors
  • E-waste

E-Waste Recycling

Technology changes at a rapid pace leaving companies with outdated computers, phones and other electronic equipment. These electronics often contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Instead of sending these items to a landfill, Danox has the ability to recycle your e-waste giving you both brand protection and reduced environmental liability, while helping you reach your sustainability goals.

Common electronic wastes:

  • Telephones
  • Cathode ray tube containing devices (CRT devices)
  • Computer keyboards
  • TV and computer monitors
  • Cell phones
  • Circuit boards
  • Fax machines

Mailback Program

Our mailback program is designed for the corporate structure that has multiple site locations around the country. The easy-to-use, pre-packaged materials make our service the most user friendly universal waste recycling program in the United States.

Why use our mailback program?

  • Most economical solution
  • Does not require dedicated trucking to pick-up material
  • No complicated shipping paperwork needed
  • Simply mail back items in our pre-labeled, supplied containers
  • EPA and DOT compliant
  • Recycled within the United States
  • No heavy metals​ go to a landfill
  • Certificates of Recycle provided
  • Site location tracking
  • Corporate viewing
  • Discounted corporate pricing
  • Custom reports from website to Excel
  • Handles all commonly seen universal waste

Our custom designed website allows the corporate environmental and accounting managers access to view granular level detail per shipping location. Once landing on the home page and viewing the dashboard, which shows overall corporate compliance and usage of the program nationally, the corporate user can then access the shipment level detail per site location.

Based on the specific customer requirements and needs, our program is designed to auto-allocate replacement supplies once an initial supply has shipped. It can be customized to allow for individual sites to place orders on an as needed basis.

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