Waste Transportation

Danox professionals provide DOT oversight to our customers supporting DOT guideline compliance for legal transport of hazardous materials and hazardous waste. We have over 75 years combined experience supporting customers with turnkey management solutions, with no DOT issues.

DOT compliance is an important aspect to an appropriate product and waste management program. Improper packaging, paperwork, placarding or transport can lead to Notice of Violations (NOVs) and fines for the shipper on record.

Shipper responsibilities, outlined in 49 CFR Part 173 include:

  • Shipping papers
  • Emergency response information
  • Appropriate shipping names
  • Class/division
  • Certification
  • Identification number
  • Compatibility
  • Hazard warning label
  • Blocking and bracing
  • Packaging
  • Marking
  • Placarding
  • Security plan
  • Employee training
  • Incident reporting
  • Emergency response telephone number
  • Determine whether a material meets the definition of a “hazardous material”

National network of DOT approved transporters:

Danox transportation vendors, a national network of DOT approved transporters, go through a thorough vetting process that includes:

  • Review of permits: federal and state requirements for HAZMAT, hazardous waste and special waste
  • Review of insurance: MCS 90 levels for HAZMAT
  • Training and compliance program require additional training and review every 3 years
  • Safety and incident review supports zero tolerance for non-compliance

Paperwork management services:

  • Bill of lading
  • Hazardous waste manifest
  • Non-hazardous waste manifest
  • Label
  • Stickers
  • Placarding

Equipment capabilities:

  • Tanker
  • Dump truck
  • Self-loading drum box
  • Vacuum trailer
  • Van
  • Sea container
  • Dump trailer
  • Specialized equipment
  • Roll off container
  • Frac tank
  • Agitated tanker


Documentation and record keeping are fundamental elements to a waste management program. In addition to being necessary and useful for the generator, they are required by the federal government in order maintain compliance.

Danox Environmental Services, Inc. is equipped to alleviate the burden of managing all of the paperwork that accompanies waste transportation and disposal. As a detail-focused company, we deliver accurate and comprehensive record keeping for our clients. We believe this data should be readily retrievable and accessible at anytime.

Danox supports the tracking of all material from “cradle to grave” and the delivery of detailed, custom reports for our clients.

Pre-shipment services include:

  • Profile assistance and completion
  • Printed manifests
  • Printed labels
  • Land Disposal Restriction (LDRs)
  • DOT hazard stickers and placards
  • Client/customer specific documents

Post-shipment services include:

  • Certificates of recycle/destruction
  • Client/customer specific documents
  • Bi-annual EPA reporting
  • Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reporting
  • Monthly/quarterly/yearly waste reports
  • Sustainability reports

Audit support services:

During a regulatory audit inspection, you can feel confident in having accurate and readily available shipping history and data. We archive all shipment records so that we can quickly access the data and paperwork when you need it.

Our staff of professionals, which include Certified Hazardous Material Managers (CHMMs), are ready to deliver accurate and timely documentation for all of your pre- and post-shipment needs.

Documentation examples:

  • Profile assistance and completion
  • Weight tickets
  • LDRs
  • Pre-printed manifests
  • Pre-printed labels
  • DOT placards and stickers
  • Pre-printed bills of lading
  • Certificates of recycle
  • Certificates of destruction
  • Client specific documents
  • Facility specific documents

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